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Us expat dating in singapore

Although public education is still really affordable in Singapore, expats may be required to pay more than the locals for school fees.Private international schools are yet more expensive.Expats can also consider taking a class, volunteering, or starting a blog about life in Singapore. Quality healthcare in Singapore is affordable, compared to a place like the United States, whether one has insurance or not.Even if one does not have access to the city-state's socialised healthcare system, healthcare in Singapore is still reasonably priced as long as expats are insured.

Along with these facilities, there are also private medical practitioner clinics.

Cabs, which are also extremely affordable, are an alternative mode of transportation.

Owning a car in Singapore is a seriously expensive undertaking.

Between heavy customs duties, taxes and insurance fees, as well as the price of tolls and parking, the convenience of owning a car comes at a high price.

If expats are looking to get away for a weekend, Singapore is an ideal jumping-off spot for travel in Southeast Asia.

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