Thane dating com

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Thane dating com

He later claimed responsibility for the agent when she groggily stumbled out of the bar and ran afoul a turian cop who was holding her up for drunkenness.At a deserted alley Thane drew his knife on a slumped and weakened Rasa, utterly prepared to use it.Days later, at the Illusive Man's sanctum, Thane's mugshot was already present on a dossier display of Shepard's prospective team.Thane was interviewed by Cerberus in their bid to assemble a team for Shepard.When Thane's assassin training began at age six, concepts like honor and free will meant little to him.He spent much time being molded into what the hanar needed him to be, often in the middle of demanding exercises like standing barechested on one foot on a pole with waves crashing all around. Thane deemed it clumsy, crediting Arashu's grace as the only reason he was the one left standing.She was outraged and was about to call the lab's security when he knelt in front of her and laid out his reasons.

Irikah's intervention defied logic, and for the first time in Thane's life unfamiliar emotions surged through him: guilt, shame, regret.

He stalked his prey from afar and an opportunity presented itself when she walked into a bar.

Thane had a spiked drink sent her way, and an unsuspecting Rasa quaffed it.

She was having a bad day before Thane ruined it further, and in her delirium confessed that she wasn't prepared to die there.

Thane asked her why, and she simply replied she never lived her life.

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Despite their rocky first meeting, Thane and Irikah eventually grew close.