Seks video onlain

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Seks video onlain

"We wanted to assure that if the image is popping up on people's feed, they know that law enforcement is handling the case," Black said. Garrett said there are indications in the video that it may have been filmed in Alabama, but they haven't confirmed that nor identified anyone possibly involved.He said they also don't know if the video was made recently, or years ago."This video has been shared widely on social media.As this investigation proceeds, law enforcement issues a reminder to the public that possession, dissemination or sharing of this video is a criminal act punishable under the Code of Alabama, SS13A-12-191, Dissemination or public display of obscene matter containing visual depiction of persons under 17 years of age involved in obscene acts, a Class B felony; and SS13A-12-192(b), Possession and possession with intent to disseminate obscene matter containing visual depiction of persons under 17 years of age involved in obscene acts, a Class C felony." Garrett said authorities are working to determine how and by whom the video was shared.Law enforcement agencies throughout Alabama are conducting an ongoing criminal investigation surrounding the sexual assault, he said, as well as distribution of the video.They issued a stern warning that not only is the child sex assault a crime, but so is sharing the video."We don't have a location and we don't have a time frame, though some things point to Alabama,'' Garrett said.The victim and the suspect have not been identified.

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