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Pooping myself webcam

I'm new to this forum, but every time I rephrase my question on Google, it always directs me here - so I figure you're all experts here!

I have an HP XW8200 (3.2 Xeon, 4Gb RAM, NVidia 4400/5400 GPU) that used to be my Avid Media Composer edit suite back in 2009.

For instance, Debut plays in real time - but there's loads of motion blur. I've got to figure the dual xeon 3.2 should be enough to handle a simple webcam!And one day I think I’ll have all that other stuff, too. Whether I finish NP school or not, I just want to be done. Maybe that will mean less cursing or more praying or not honking at people who ruin my chances of catching a green light or because they are just generally stupid drivers. But without them my life still feels full and exciting. Small stuff is small stuff, and it’s usually stupid, too. Before I married my husband, I never considered the hearts I would break, or even my own heartache I would experience along the way.*Sidenote–he was totally the cause of a lot of my distress at one point* Just putting that out there.

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She’s seven and never looked so good, although I wouldn’t recommend this tried and true anti-aging diet of hers to anyone else.