Overcoming online dating

Posted by / 11-Oct-2017 23:19

If you feel it is going to be hard to resist temptation, put your computer in storage or leave it at a friend’s house.

When trying to overcome jealousy, it might be worth also taking a look at yourself and considering perhaps why you become green-eyed easily. Most likely, you have no reason not to trust your partner and the jealousy is coming from you being treated badly in the past or feeling like you’re not worthy of them. Your insecurities are not your partner’s fault and if you’re not careful you will scare them away.Remember the saying ‘innocent until proven guilty’?Give them the benefit of the doubt and actually trust them – there are still plenty of good people out there who value monogamy.The best way of dealing with irrational doubts is to keep yourself busy so that you don’t indulge your mind and let it run wild with jealous thoughts.While it’s easy to allow your mind to come up with ridiculous scenarios that you imagine your partner to be in, you’ll have more control over your thoughts if you surround yourself with people.

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Ironically, you probably will have to turn on your computer to find your matchmaker -this is, after all, the 21st century. At Simantov, we are now offering a free one-hour telephone consultation with an experienced matchmaker.