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6- For beginners, a quick way to improve your photography Many people start learning photography by taking theoretical courses in a classroom with little or no practice.During a photography tour, a lot of the time is spent on hands-on practice and because of on many different situations encountered during the day (sunrise/sunset, low light, portraits,architecture shots), you are most likely to make long lasting improvement on your photography.Nowadays, photography tours are available all around the globe from Iceland to Antarctica, from New York to Paris.Because they are focused on photography, they are getting more and popular among enthusiastic photographers but also beginners as they combine discovery and learning.5- Meet like-minded people If you take part in a photography tour with a small group of people especially for few days, it is likely that you will a blast together, keep in touch and maybe even do another trip together in the future.For many people, a photo tour remains the highlight of their trip in Asia.

3- Geotag your pictures You might not have a GPS chip in your camera so taking few pictures on location with your smartphone will help you later to document your trip and come back later on location especially in areas where Google Maps do not have data.

4- Look at different angles, take difficult shots Before getting out your camera from your bag, it is sometime useful to look at composition with your smartphone to find new angles.

It is useful to know at this stage what is the 35 mm equivalent of your smartphone camera: Huawei P9 lite is equivalent to a 27 mm so it will make sense to use a full frame with a 24 mm lens for example.

IPhone 7 Plus has two 12 MP sensors with 28/56 mm equivalent focal length (F1.8/2.8 aperture).

We will not discuss in this post the quality of smartphones but rather their use in travel photography. Take snapshots The most obvious of course: sometime when we travel especially we do not have always carry our camera but most of he time we carry a smartphone in our pocket.

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Often, the photographer has develop some relations with locals, speak some of the language and this will be valuable in people photography.