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"Hoping for a win on her or her friend [name redacted]." In response to a semi-obscured nude picture of another woman, another post reads, "Any clear topless frontal of Elyse P??? " The image-based bulletin board was launched in 2006, with the goal of anonymously posting leaked or stolen nude images of women.It has been shut down and reopened a number of times since then.Hannah's personal email address is even posted beneath photos that showcase her cleavage. CBC News is not naming the website to avoid driving up traffic.Her face blanched when she was told what was posted online. The Montreal thread is one of many Canadian threads.“When you’re clothed,” she adds, “you’re actually closed off.” Porcelli couldn’t say if she hooked up on the show, but she definitely made connections to the three men she dated.She specifically cited a date where she and her would-be paramour painted a canvas with their bodies. “It was like the best date I’ve ever had,” she says.

“Being naked brings out another side — your vulnerability and your openness.

“The metaphor works: When you strip away your preconceptions and defense mechanism, which prevent the real you from being seen, you are able to be your real self and people see that.

There’s nowhere to hide.” First-episode contestant Christina Porcelli, 36, grew up in Canarsie before moving seven years ago to Nashville — where she remained alone even after trying “every method you can think of” to find a lover.

Others say they'll "dump" their archive of pictures if others do the same.

"[Name redacted] I went to school with her," says the writer of one post.

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“We’re so pushed-up, pinched-up and tucked-in that we think that’s how everyone should look. Like, if you’re not wearing a bra, they hang a different way.

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