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Twine wants you to have some of those features, but to actually dig in, too.The ice-breaking question auto-generator is a cool feature, but Twine is going to have to offer more incentives.Since then, a team within the strategy and design firm split off to begin working on a project called Twine, which essentially sought to create a better mobile solution for flirting with and meeting new people.

To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box. 1, 2010 -- Ever wondered what kind of flirt you might be?

These tools are all missing from Twine in its first release, but could be huge additions to the app to add more stickiness and potential engagement to the user experience.

The startup says that a few of these capabilities will likely be coming in the next version of the app and, because Twine is free, virtual gifts could provide a future opportunity to monetize.

He surveyed more than 5,100 men and women about their techniques.

Survey participants were asked questions such as "I am good at using body language to flirt" and "In today’s society, people have to be careful about flirting." Based on the responses, Hall grouped flirting styles into five categories: "Knowing something about the way you communicate attraction says something about challenges you might have had in your past dating life," Hall continued.

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