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Ukrainian Cossacks eventually formed a state that was to a significant degree self-ruling, but 20 years later the state was divided between Poland and Russia. WW II brought further devastation and death, with 6 million perishing in the fighting between the Red Army and the German forces.

Following WW I, and after prolonged fighting involving Russia, Poland, and various Ukrainian political and ethnic factions, Poland retained portions of western Ukraine and the Soviets took the rest. Ukrainians are extremely proud of their country's long history.

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The first people to unify and control the area for a long period were Scandinavians, known as the Rus.

By the late 10th century, the city was the center of a unified state that stretched from the Volga west to the Danube and south to the Baltic. When Stalin took power in 1927, he made a test case out of Ukraine for his ideas about "harmful" nationalism.

Enhancing the topography of Ukraine are two mountain ranges.

Preface Last Updated: 7/10/2003 AM A country whose slogan is "Ukraine has not yet died" might not seem the most uplifting destination, but do not let that deter you.

Winters seem especially long because of so many sunless days.

Population Last Updated: 7/10/2003 AM The population of Ukraine is 50.5 million of which approximately 73% is ethnically Ukrainian and 22% ethnically Russian.

The Dnipro River with its many tributaries unifies central Ukraine economically.

The mouth of the Danube River provides an outlet for Ukrainian trade with the Balkans, Austria, and Germany.

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The Crimean Mountains divide the Crimean Peninsula, creating a semitropical area on its southernmost tip. The Ukraine climate is similar to the wheat-producing regions of Canada and is characterized by abundant precipitation and cloudy skies, especially in fall and winter.

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