Girls give bad dating advice

Posted by / 03-Mar-2017 19:00

Being so young, she took it to heart, and it took a couple unbearably boring and emotionally unsatisfying relationships before she learned that a good relationship didn’t mean finding the first guy who will give you an ounce of attention and just sticking with him.

Apparently making a same-day date with a dude means you’re free, available and — — a loser with no plans. Apparently doing everything you can to not form an emotional attachment is the way to go—or so went the advice I was given.

” and want to desperately help you the problem of dying alone, there is no shortage of dating advice out there.

And while I’ve received some pretty good advice in my 30 years of life (half of which I spent as a single-and-dating chick), most of it is absolutely HORRIBLE.

Going against every instinct I had, I tried to take that advice for a bit and toned myself down.

I ended up dating guys who were nice and sweet, but could never find the spark I needed to sustain my interest in another human being.

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Sure, we’ve all heard the classics about opposites attracting (not true! But let’s face it: These days almost all of us prefer to try the milk before making a commitment to this One Cow For The Rest Of Our Lives. Let me take you on an adventure through some of the worst love and relationship advice I’ve heard throughout the years.