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Then he calls on the actual telephone and we have a couple of actual great conversations.Eventually, after six weeks of texting and talking, he suggests we meet up for a weekend.There is instant chemistry and epic conversations and cute hand-holding and picking out foot cream for his mom. It is hands-down the coolest first date I've ever had. "We share a very awkward hug before I get into the car, which he will either drive to our hotel, or drive to a landfill where he will bash me over the head, flay me, and turn me into a female eunuch." Back in L. Hadn't I just had the coolest first date ever—where I felt sexy and confident and so very much like myself? I realized that the weekend hadn't been about APW at all.It had been about me getting out there and connecting with another human and having fun, which is kinda the whole point of these dating apps.Sure, long distance isn't ideal, but in my head, I'm thinking, To keep things on equal footing, we agree to meet in Austin, Texas, where neither of us lives.When I tell my friends I've bought my plane ticket, they are a mix of "You go, girl" and "You should not go, girl; you'll get I'm about to let a strange man from the Internet pick me up at the airport, and I am Completely Vulnerable. For those of you not navigating modern dating's location-based app scene, the best way to describe the experience is the running of the bulls in Pamplona: You're doing this crazy thing that could potentially give you the thrill of your life, hundreds of strangers are in the mix with you, and you're just trying your damn best to avoid getting horned in the ass by a bull.

A., I quickly discovered there are only four types of men on dating apps. Jordan is the generic lawyer whose description of himself states that he loves "travel, sports, and [his] niece," all code for missionary-sex-only for the rest of your life.After a few texts, he mentions that he lives out of town.But he also says that he's planning on moving to L. soon, so maybe we should just get to know each other and see what happens.Right so badly that I was willing to overlook glaring red flags and let just about anything happen.And also because I get a huge kick out of terrible situations, to which I curtsy and say, "Thus, my career as a comedy writer." I actually thought I had it figured out for a couple of years, and even moved in with a boyfriend, but that recently went to shit when he met someone else.

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Wanting to get over the heartache, I flung myself back into the dating pool and found the landscape had totally changed in the two years I'd been on the sidelines.

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