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Consolidating debt with fnb

If you are seen as higher risk, the highest installment you could expect for a period of 60 months would be around R2,800 p.m.

If you used your full R4000 to pre-pay the debt you would be debt free in 21 months.

So take care in educating yourself on the the advantages and disadvantages of consolidating your debts and remember that you still have a big commitment in making your monthly repayment on time.

This calculator is designed to help determine whether debt consolidation is right for you.

If you cannot handle your current debt payments you need to consider debt review, or contact your creditors to work out a new repayment arrangement.

If you’re struggling to meet all your monthly obligations and your cashflow is taking strain, a debt consolidation loan could be your solution.

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Bye says if you do not qualify for the full R70 000 loan but only R50 000 for example, you can at least use that to consolidate some of the debts and partially improve your monthly financial situation.

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