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A field is a multiline text object consisting of a field name and a field value which can be automatically updated to show the latest value for data that may change during the lifecycle of the project.

Fields enhance the documentation capabilities within a drawing file and add value to the drawing data.

Did you ever create a block only to realise later that you couldn’t explode it?

Enter the old name of the block, enter the new name of the block and choose OK. If you get the message: ‘‘ You probably have a DWG file which contains an exploded dynamic block.Right click on the block and chose ‘Reset Block’ to bring your block back to its starting position.If your actions are going to work they will work now.Fields are updatable data units within an Auto CAD Architecture drawing.Fields can be entered into the drawing as standalone multi-text elements, as components of Auto CAD text elements or table cells, as attribute values or as part of Auto CAD Architecture property set data.

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I use this frequently to add forgotten data to title blocks when using the sheet set manager.

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