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IADW is the world’s first and only trade association exclusively focused on the online dating industry. IDEA OASIS is a trade association of both offline dating services and online dating websites.

Contact info: 205 Mark Twain Ave., San Rafael CA 94903, 415/479-3800. SITRAS (Singles Industry Trade Association), held its first meeting at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Miami FL on June 14-16, 2004. Contact info: 410 Park Ave., Suite 1530, New York Ny 10022, 212/751-0116.

The operations of Liberty Network introduction agency were enough to give the whole industry a bad name.

It used high pressure sales techniques to persuade clients to upgrade to more expensive services, extracted fees disproportionate to the services offered, provided no refunds, and even accompanies a client to a financial institution to ensure the withdrawal of a large sum of money for the agent. The NSW Supreme Court subsequently ordered the principal of the agency to refund more than 6,000 to 14 of the agency's clients.

She was also banned from ever working in the introduction agency industry again.

ICOMFA held an international meeting of dating services in 1987 in Budapest, Hungary. The most notable American attendee was Jeffrey Ullman, who at the time was the President of Great Expectations, the world’s largest videodating company.

If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached, consumers can lodge a formal complaint with NSW Fair Trading.

Top of page In some cultures matchmakers are used to arrange marriages.

These services will usually require consumers to sign a written contract and pay a fee in order to receive introductions.

Shopping around is a very important step when considering this type of agreement.

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In Australia, introduction agencies serve much the same function.