21 year old virgin dating Pinoy sex chat with american

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21 year old virgin dating

) I lasted until age 27 before partaking of carnal lust.But I don't know that I could be particularly insightful -- I probably wouldn't tell you much of anything that wouldn't apply to being sensitive to a partner of any age. We ended that (with each other, 'case your wonderin') on my 26th birthday--which happened to be 3 days after his 27th birthday. It probably relates to religion or some other conservative upbringing (as was the case with us), but it may not be true.I haven't known her that long, but our personalities, tastes, beliefs, hobbies, etc. This leads me to take her quite seriously as a candidate for a very serious long-term relationship.I realized recently that for the first time I'm reaching a phase of life where I both desire such a thing AND am capable of it.Heh heh--just remember, slow and steady wins the race. " suggests to me that probably you should look in other directions for any sort of relationship with this woman. On the other hand, she may be religious (may be good or bad, depending on your personal philosophy).On the other hand if after a sip of wine she looked into your eyes and said softly, "I just love men who identify with reptiles, and oh, by the way, virginity is such a burden." I would say you're looking good. She may just be shy, or conservative, or only a "technical" virgin.And BTW, religious/conservative upbringing does not make one so in bed! This is not to imply that she is not one, just that how it came up may be a hint as to where the relationship is going.As far as "anything to look out for" goes, well, just be careful when you're physical with her; although that depends on how physical she's been in the past. I mean if she met you and 30 seconds later said, "I am a virgin and you're not getting any!

And, while you're at it, I wouldn't mention that you asked a bunch of people on the internet if we thought she was weird.

We have so much in common that'd be a shame if nothing came of it. (And for people who say "shame on you" for my not wanting to be just friends with her, I figured out long ago that in circumstancs like these, only the woman benefits from such an arrangement.

What guy wants to hang out with a woman he is attracted to who isn't interested in him?

He always wanted it, I mean I like sex, its great, with the right person, perhaps that should have clued me in, but I digress. I'm hoping there are a lot of virgin females in my age bracket out there. It's certainly not "odd," I think it's admirable, which I why I seek that same trait in a partner. Of course, this is coming from someone who came of age in the late '60's so I think anybody who is still a vigin at that age probably has some major malfunction. She has not had sex with the men she has known before you, but why does this mean that she isn't interested in you?

But if it wasn't the right time, or for whatever reason, I wasn't in the mood, he would rant and rave how I had taken his virginity and now it was my fault because he wanted it all the time. Even after it was over, it was still my fault and blah blah blah. And if shes still a virgin, theres probably a reason why. Find out why shes still a virgin, and proceed with caution. Assuming she is reasonably attractive, I would think you may have to sidestep some big landmines to get to her. She obviously does not get round heels at the first sign of interest, give it a chance, it might just be worth the wait.

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You arent specific, but the way you mention it makes me wonder if you see it as a problem. The few ladies Ive know who held onto their virginity for that long may have had their reasons, but were still very sexual creatures.